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We requested Laval to speak at our Divisional Sales Meeting in Banff, Alberta. What a perfect setting to hear about and see Laval's amazing accomplishments. One thing that kept bubbling to the surface for me was Laval always had a plan and had clearly defined and set the goals he wanted to achieve: from seeing a mountaineer on the cover of National Geographic to his preparation for Everest.

Laval has an easy going presentation style; one that lets you get drawn in so you actually feel the emotion and excitement of his journey. His presentation could not have provided a better conclusion to our meeting. Everyone without exception left inspired and looking for their "Everest" thanks to Laval.

I would strongly recommend Laval as a presenter and encourage you hear and live his dream.

Vice President-Sales & Marketing, Motion Canada

Wow! What an inspiration! I was lucky enough to have Laval present for a group at the NAV CANADA Training and Conference Center in Cornwall, ON. The theme was "To inspire you both personally and professionally". Laval was perfect for the event. He has the ability to personalize his presentation for the group he is speaking with and keeps the audience's attention because of the amazing photo and video segments.
I can't thank him enough for coming to speak to us.

Manager, Commercial Services, NAV CANADA

As Chair of Mensa Canada's 2011 Annual Gathering held in Banff over the May long weekend, I was thrilled that a local Calgary Mensan recommended Laval St. Germain to speak at our conference. Laval regaled Mensans from across North America as the keynote speaker after our Saturday evening banquet.

Using humour and relating well to the audience, Laval described his jaw-dropping exploits accompanied by his excellent multi media presentation. The description of Laval's fitness regime and preparations for his assault on Everest were astounding. Laval's respect for the culture and beliefs of the Sherpas was inspirational and Laval also generously paid homage to the people who supported his expensive and dangerous exploits.

I would highly recommend Laval St. Germain as an entertaining and inspirational speaker for any conference or audience. Laval's personality, character and over-achieving nature symbolize that anyone can achieve their dreams if they try hard enough. Laval also proves that dreaming big is possible.

Prairie-Arctic Representative Mensa Canada and Secretary/Treasurer Mensa Calgary

Northern Air Transport Association presentation.

To say it "motivated" me is an absolute understatement! Because motivation is just a word, it fails to encompass the intense drive and passion that Laval leaves with the crowd. The positive energy that comes from others achieving success creates an atmosphere where everyone can accomplish their goals. Now, when looking towards challenges that the future holds, they now seem less daunting and more manageable.

Demonstration Pilot/Sales - Avalon Aircraft Corp

Everest Talk NATA

I just wanted to send you a note to say how much I enjoyed your talk on climbing Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen. The way you tied your talk to your aviation audience was very well done - and a lesson to all of us who fly as crew or a passenger. The pre-trip planning and conditioning you completed is a life lesson for all; challenges are meant to be conquered. Preparation makes the experience easier and more enjoyable.

Airport Manager, Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport

Laval your presentation was mesmerizing! In one and a half hours you showed us a side of humanity and the world that most of us will never know in person. You touched my heart with references to your family, friends made and in honouring the memory of the friends you lost along the way. Hearing your story, an amazing reminder that we can all dream big and with hard work, realize those dreams, has enriched my spirit.

Thank you as well for presenting to one of our local high schools while you were in Yellowknife. I have never seen 300+ teenagers all focused and attentive to a speaker!

Executive Assistant, Northern Air Transport Association (NATA)

It is always extremely comforting to be in the presence of someone who believes in infinite possibilities. Laval St. Germain is one of those people. Dreaming and believing are vital first steps to reaching great heights. However, without the commitment, perseverance and bravery to act, our dreams will scatter as swiftly as the wind can blow them away. Laval knows this, and with great bravery, moves to realize his dreams. There are no greater mentors than people, like Laval, who, with great humility and humor, show others how to be brave and that it is okay to brave - that it is okay to shine. I could not help but to listen to him with immense reverence."

Personal Trainer, Optimum Health and Fitness, Whitehorse

The message was extremely powerful; believing that you can overcome everything. Laval had a strong voice and a great healthy outlook on life. He made me look at mountain climbers in a new light.
My life was about staying safe, but now I am looking forward to taking risks and putting myself out there.

Grade 11 Ecole Sir John Franklin Highschool

To be able to accomplish great things such as Laval St. Germain was able to, you have to have a clear idea of what you're getting into, and with that in mind, you must be prepared for this task through intense training and healthy living. I liked the mix of multimedia and him talking. It left a very lasting impression about what he was trying to say about staying fit and healthy throughout your life.

Grade 11 Ecole Sir John Franklin Highschool

We asked Laval St. Germain to be the guest speaker at our Quarterly Change Managers Meeting. I found his presentation to be entertaining and raw. Laval shows us that we can achieve anything we put our mind to and that nothing in life is impossible.

Shell Canada Ltd.

Laval St. Germain's talk was as much entertaining as thought-provoking. His story stretches from youthful ambition to mind-boggling sacrifice and perseverance. The details he reveals about colleagues and the Nepalese people are rich and deeply moving. Most importantly, Laval reminds us to dream the impossible dream.

Attendee at March 4-2011 Belfountain, Ontario, Right to Play Canada, fundraiser

I just wanted to drop a quick line to congratulate everyone involved in planning the Annual Wings Banquet. It was a very special evening, and a wonderful occasion to honour all the students and their accomplishments during the past year! Laval St.Germain was truly inspirational, and his account of his personal quest to reach the summitt of Mt. Everest was incredibly interesting and I am sure appealed to everyone's inner self and one's own values of self determination and committment. We enjoyed the evening very much and again, thank you to all for their fine efforts in organizing such a splendid evening in which to pay tribute to the graduates and to celebrate 65 years of The Brampton Flight Centre!

Director, Brampton Flying Club

We invited Laval to be the keynote speaker at our AGM Gala Dinner as we felt that this pilot's most unusual accomplishment deserved to be brought to the attention of the members of the aviation community.
Laval regaled us with a presentation of his incredible accomplishment of being the first Canadian to successfully climb Mt Everest without bottled oxygen. He turned what we expected to be a fifteen minute presentation into a 30 minute incredible journey which made us all feel like we were part of this dangerous expedition. His compelling and humorous presentation left us questioning the very boundaries that most of us allow to limit our ambitions.
This great speaker generously allowed us to share in his perilous adventure through a mix of anecdotes and a vivid description of the mental and physical anguish he endured. Everyone was spellbound at how easily he could communicate the emotions and hardship he had to overcome to realize his dream.
It was indeed a privilege for us to honor Laval in front of so many of his aviation peers.

John McKenna
President & CEO
Air Transport Association of Canada

President & CEO, Air Transport Association of Canada

Laval is an amazing speaker. He tells it like it is in an engaging way that is funny, fascinating, educational and poignant. All three of my evenings to hear Laval speak about his recent Everest climb sold out in under 24 hours.'

Vine and Dine and CBC Radio The Homestretch

Laval's presentation on his successful ascent of Mount Everest without the aid of bottled oxygen was not only a testimonial to the stamina and perseverance of one man, but the 'Coles Notes' version of how to define and achieve the goals you set for yourself in life. His message that the journey is often more important than the destination has application in every element of our personal and professional lives, from goal setting, through planning and execution, to self-evaluation after the fact. The life-threatening experiences and the nuggets gleaned from those experiences in one of the most inhospitable environments on earth provide lessons for all of us in managing the stresses, strains and, most of all, risks of everyday life. Of particular interest was Laval's point that his summiting of Mount Everest, rather than defining him, more importantly, has become part of the mosaic of his life, a life that continues to unfold and challenge and move in new and exciting directions. His candid, often comical, always moving presentation is a must-see for anyone seeking to stretch their own horizons.

Executive Officer - Canadian Homebuilders' Association - Edmonton Region.

I asked Laval to come and speak to a small group of full and half marathon runners on motivation and goal setting. I had expected him to come in and talk for about 20 minutes about some of his accomplishments and what drives him to pursue them. Instead, we were exposed to a rare devotion and immense passion that knows no boundaries. His enthusiasm and confidence are addictive and you find yourself believing that you are capable of the same type of fierce dedication. Within 2 days of Laval's presentation more than half of the half marathon participants had registered for their first marathon.

If you are looking for someone to motivate you or your group to take your training to the next height, Laval is the one to do it.

Running Instructor/Coach

For ten years our business group has gone on a yearly retreat; one component of that is a physical challenge meant to push our personal limits while fostering the cohesion of our group. We contacted Laval and gave him some "loose" parameters around which to organize our day and help us achieve our goals. Laval's buy-in and enthusiasm was instant , and within a few days he contacted us with our itinerary, and challenge, complete with lunch menu and recommended clothing list.

We hiked up Mt.Allan along the Centennial Trail In Alberta's Kananaskis Country, saw Bighorn Sheep, beautiful scenery, and we all completed our goal. Laval's professionalism, and encouragement shone thru, truly a lifetime achievement for some of our group ! Group Picture

Entrepreneurs Organization Lifestyle Hunters Forum

Laval came to speak at a student leadership conference for students from across Canada, and had the entire room captivated from start to finish. He was a perfect fit for our conference’s theme, Seek Your Summit, and spoke to both his incredible experiences and how they are applicable to leadership.
His personable nature and exciting stories were a thrilling combination; he was certainly a highlight of the conference. I have had many of the students and their accompanying teachers approach me to say that of any speaker they have heard Laval was their favourite and that speaks volumes about his presentation.
I would recommend Laval to any professional event. All of our students have been greatly impacted by his unique tales and experiences.

West Island College Student and Conference Director

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